Capturing the Moments in Life, and the Life in Moments

They say everything happens for a reason. I'd like to add that every moment has life. My name is Ron Fernandez, and that is what I capture. Starting with a humble camera setup in the beginning, I learned much about myself in a short amount  of time. The journey in understanding technique and lighting was a fascinating time for me. From YouTube to MasterClasses, I became much more intrigued to learn from online videos, and eventually I started studying from accredited professionals in the field. I became obsessed in mastering the craft through observing world famous photographers like Annie Lebowitz and  Mike Muller, and YouTube phenoms like Jason Lanier, Manny Ortiz, and many more. After being able to prove myself in the industry by volunteering for friends and family, I quickly gained the respect of many others that started recognizing my photography work. Taking a leap of faith, I took my style and made it a business. Today, I have served over 100 clients, worked with fortune 500 companies, and have been featured in magazines. When they ask me what I specialize, I always give a smile, and say "Photography."  From the start, the idea of my style was simple. Capture the moments in life, and the life in the moments. Because there is beauty and art in everything. Please browse my work and enjoy! I hope to hear from you soon!  

- Ron Fernandez

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